How do I access the support desk?

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We are here to help you resolve issues with your environment. When you make a support request, we will work with you to understand the actual issue you are trying to solve and may recommend a better course of action.

For the best support experience, we recommend you register for our support portal. The portal is our preferred method for raising a support ticket, and it will allow you to view all tickets in your organisation quickly and easily. 

You can also email to request support.

How do I register for the support portal?

  1. Click on Sign in in the top right-hand corner of this page, then click on the link to Sign up.
  2. Fill out the form with your name and email address and we’ll send you a welcome email so you can verify your email address and sign in. 



What do I need to include in the ticket?

Your support request should include these details:

Description/what is not working e.g. I am unable to login to Sitecore
Expected outcome e.g. I should be able to login to Sitecore
Environment affected e.g. Production
When did the issue first occur e.g. Today
Other information e.g. page URL, Sitecore feature, Azure DevOps feature, section of website

Here are some examples of support requests you can submit:

  • Scaling request
  • New Dev/UAT environment
  • Database rehydration
  • Add/Edit/Remove Firewall policy
  • Add/Edit/Remove permissions
  • Request database backups
  • Add/Edit/Remove User/role/permissions
  • Request Sitecore package installation
  • Re-index Sitecore indexes
  • Clean Sitecore databases
  • Request Security Report
  • Request Speed Report
  • Create branch
  • Change/update release branch
  • Update release approvals
  • Add/Edit/Remove user git access
Cost & Billing
  • For eligible customers (see your Managed Service Agreement) request cost and billing breakdown

Premium customers

For Priority 24/7 escalations, here are the phone numbers for each region. Calls must also be followed up with a ticket.

Region Number
APAC +61 (0) 483 901 121
UK & EMEA +44 (0) 7400 374 066
US & Canada +1 (888) 817 3688

How can I see all the tickets for my organisation? 

  1. Log into the support portal 
  2. Click on your profile icon
  3. Select Requests from the dropdown menu
  4. Click on Organization requests

Severity levels and target response times

Severity level Criteria Standard support reponse 24x7 support response
Urgent P1

Meets all the following criteria:

  • Impacts the production environment
  • A significant impact on site visitor's experience such as an outage, unacceptable performance, or poor buying experience impacting revenue
  • No workaround is available.

1 Business Day

1 hour (issues must be followed up via Support Hotline)

High P2

Meets one of the following criteria with no workaround available:

  • In a production environment, severe impact on content authoring or an intermittent issue impacting visitor experience
  • In a production environment, issues highly affecting normal business operations or critical marketing capabilities;
  • In a pre-production environment, an immediate impact on deployment activities affecting imminent production project plans.

1 Business Day

2 hours (issues must be followed up via Support Hotline)

Medium P3

Meets one of the following criteria:

  • In a production environment, intermittent impact and does not critically affect normal business operations;
  • In a production environment, impact of the problem is alleviated by the availability of a workaround;
  • In a pre-production environment, a moderate impact and does not critically affect business operations;
  • In a development environment, an immediate impact on a development activity affecting upcoming project plans.

2 Business Days

1 Business Day

Low P4

Meets one of the following criteria:

  • In a production environment, causes minor or no impact on business operations;
  • In a non-production environment, causes minor development delays or impact of the problem is alleviated by the availability of a workaround;
  • Documentation related queries or requests for product enhancements;
  • Issues that do not meet any of the higher severity criteria.

3 Business Days

2 Business Days

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