What's in the Dataweavers Services Catalogue?

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Lynsey Jackson
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Dataweavers offers a range of complimentary, chargeable services to clients that are sometimes required outside of the standard Support Services that we provide. Typically run as small micro-projects, these services are design to support you in specific cases where you may not have the capacity to go it alone.

In order to request these services, please reach out to us via support@dataweavers.com.

Service Description Cost
Extended Transition Out Support
Agreed blended daily rate to provide transition out services to you. Consisting of appropriate technical and non-technical resources required to manage the transition. POA
Reporting Metrics Request

Where you request additional metrics to be included in the monthly report.

Standard means the metric is already collected by Dataweavers and simply requires inclusion in the report.

Enhanced means the metric is not collected, but could be using one of the available tools we have, or the provision of new tool or adoption of a customer-owned tool is required.

3rd party Audit Request

Any 3rd party Audit as part of our agreement. POA

Sitecore Azure PaaS Readiness Assessment

Our 84-point checklist analyses your current Sitecore 7, 8 or 9 solution and tells you if and how you need to modify your Sitecore installation to be ready for a deployment in Sitecore Azure PaaS

Sitecore Feature Assessment When Sitecore introduces new features and functionality specific to Microsoft Azure, we can help your team analyse, plan and architect the introduction of those features into your environment. POA
Sitecore DevOps Training Our team can help introduce the fundamentals of DevOps into your Sitecore team. Helping you understand how to Work, Build, Release and Test better with Sitecore and Azure. POA
Sitecore DevOps Assessment If you already have a DevOps process for your Sitecore solution, let us help you analyse for best practice and recommend ways to improve your DevOps process. POA
Sitecore Solution Code Upgrade In the absence of a Sitecore implementation partner, our experiences team can upgrade your Solution Code to the latest version for you. POA
Sitecore Critical Event Support If you are launching a new product, expecting significant volumes of traffic or just need dedicated or on-site support for a special event, we can provide access to a dedicated DevOps & Infrastructure engineer. POA
Sitecore Performance Testing Dedicated Performance Testing for your Sitecore solution can be provided by Dataweavers. Using our hyper-scale cloud testing platform we can generate real load to your website within minutes. POA
Sitecore Security Tests Protect your organisation against threats and achieve compliance. Dataweavers provides point-in-time security tests for your Sitecore PaaS Solution. Testing include OWASP, PCI-DSS, PII and GDPR. POA
Sitecore Ad-hoc fixes Bespoke .NET Development required to bring your Sitecore solution into a PaaS compatible state. Whilst typically completed by your development partner, our team can assist with your PaaS requirements if time or capacity is at a premium. POA
Sitecore Optimisations Optimise your Sitecore solution for load time, response time or geo-graphic scaling. Hyper-optimisation of Sitecore and your front-end code is an art form, we can make recommendations for your development partner to implement. POA
Sitecore Licence Compliance Realignment Are you unclear about your licencing compliance? Dataweavers can work with your legal team to ensure your Sitecore is licence compliant. FOC


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