Verifying access requests into a customer environment

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When completing a request for customer or third-party access, we need to ensure the request has been approved by a verified contact at the customer. This is either the Security Approval Client Contact or a Primary Contact (Business) or (Technical), as nominated by the customer to Dataweavers.

Additionally, we will not provide any environment details to unverified parties or individuals as this may constitute a data breach.

Types of requests needing verification

  • IP address whitelisting
  • Request for DB backups for local environment
  • Azure DevOps access
  • Azure Portal access
  • Environment changes
  • Any other system that contains non-public customer data

Verifying a request

If a request is received that does not provide evidence of the approval, Dataweavers will email one of the customer's nominated contacts listed above for express written confirmation to provision the access as requested.


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