How to add Dataweavers staff to Azure DevOps

Alex Angas
Alex Angas
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Generally Dataweavers are able to add users to Azure DevOps independently. However in some cases we need assistance from our customers due to Azure Active Directory permission restrictions. If requested, please perform the following steps for us:

  1. Go to Organization Settings

  2. Click Users

  3. Click Add Users

  4. On the add new users panel:

    • Enter the user's email address, click on the user "bubble" that appears, and repeat this process for each additional user to add
    • Set the access level
      • Stakeholder: anyone who is not a developer
      • Visual Studio Subscriber: developers that have a Visual Studio subscription
      • Basic: developers without a Visual Studio subscription
    • Ensure "Add to projects" is blank - Dataweavers will configure user access to projects
    • Ensure "Send email invites" is ticked
    • Click Add

  5. Wait for the session notification at the top of the screen to be successful

  6. Advise Dataweavers who will then complete securing user access by adding to the correct group so permissions are applied. 


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