Availability of non-production environments (scaling)

Lynsey Jackson
Lynsey Jackson

Typically, the non-production environments of our customers are scaled down (and therefore unavailable) when they are not expected to be in use. The purpose of this is to minimise unnecessary Azure spend.

Our standard scaling configuration in your local time zone is: 

  • Scale down every weekday at 8pm
  • Scale up every weekday at 6am

During onboarding we will work with you to ensure the scaling of your non-production environments reflects the needs of your development team, which may be an extension of these hours.

At any time, if you need to extend access to any of your non-production environments outside of your standard hours, simply submit a support request and we will adjust or remove the scaling configuration.

You'll also need to advise us once you are ready to revert to standard scaling. 

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