How do I access the support desk?

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We are here to help you resolve issues with your Sitecore environment. When you make a support request, we will work with you to understand the issue you are trying to solve and recommend a course of action.

Support email address

You can email to request support.

The Dataweavers support portal

For the best support experience, we recommend you register for our support portal. By registering for the portal you can:

  • view and respond to all tickets in your organization 
  • identify a priority level when submitting a ticket
  • view all knowledge base articles that are not publicly accessible

Support phone numbers

These are the phone numbers for each region. Please note, any calls to advise of a P1 incident must be followed up with a ticket.

Region Number
APAC +61 (0) 483 901 121
UK & EMEA +44 (0) 7400 374 066
US & Canada +1 (888) 817 3688


Response times

Read more about our SLA-backed model and target response times in our Help Centre article Dataweavers support models and SLAs.


What does Dataweavers provide support on?

Dataweavers provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for service availability and performance at the level described within your contract. Dataweavers has in place 24x7x365 proactive website monitoring to alert our team to carry out remediation in the event of any issues to uphold this SLA. 

We are also here to help resolve any other issues relating to the management of your underlying platform and Azure DevOps environments.


This table provides a view of who is accountable for the performance of specific activities:


Task Accountable
Sitecore Content & Code Changes

Content Authoring & Publishing

The development of new site code or the modification of existing site code or creation and modification of site content.

Customer / Agency

Code Development

The development of new site code or the modification of existing site code, unit tests and integration tests.

Customer / Agency

Code Deployment & DevOps

Development and support of build and release pipelines used by Customer/Agency for the Sitecore solution code that cross all environments and configuring agreed governance processes in tooling.

Note: Customer/Agency is responsible for running their deployments and escalating any failures to Dataweavers


Sitecore Application Administration

Sitecore administration tasks, including user access, role permissions, workflow configuration.

Customer / Agency
Technology Management & Support

Sitecore Application Management

Application platform management. For example, Sitecore patching, XDB re-sharding, Solr Index builds, scaling out and up CDs or rendering hosts, content re-hydration and memory dump provision to assist developers with debugging.


Infrastructure Management

The monitoring, scaling and delivery of the underlying infrastructure, with failover, HA, endpoint security and backup management.


Ecosystem Management

Overall Sitecore ecosystem management, including upgrade, release and operational management provided as a service.


Platform Enhancement

Improvement of Azure Infrastructure, DevOps pipelines and core platform fundamentals, as Microsoft, Sitecore and others release new features or deprecate existing.



Sitecore platform, Azure environment, end user performance and website availability, downstream integrations where wired in the code using the defined tooling.

Composable & Sitecore SaaS

Sitecore SaaS Product Support

Escalation of incidents and problems to Sitecore support for SaaS platform issues and remediation steps.


Sitecore SaaS Core Configuration and Provisioning

Provisioning processes management of SaaS environments, projects and connectivity configuration between these and your headless or traditional solution.


Sitecore SaaS Connectivity

Configuration and monitoring of secure connectivity between headless application and Sitecore SaaS services.


Service Desk & Portal

Helpdesk, service portal and call logging and ticketing for all-in-scope services and technologies.



Sitecore platform, Azure environment, end user performance and website availability, downstream integrations where wired in the code using the defined tooling.


Incident Management

The resolution of production issues related to performance, infrastructure, and site availability.


Problem Management - Platform

Identification and remediation of matters that may be causing incidents and SLA violations.



See Sitecore 360 and Dataweavers for more details on the services provided by Sitecore 360 and a RACI chart on the services.


Examples for support and incident requests

Issues or incidents relating to customer code (code, libraries, modules, scripts or third-party software that the customer has chosen to supply and use as part of their Sitecore Environment) are not in scope of Dataweavers support unless otherwise agreed. These issues should be reviewed and remediated where possible by the Customer Development and/or Development Partner team prior to escalation to Dataweavers support for determination on whether the issue or incident relates to the Dataweavers managed platform.

The following table provides examples of the types of requests that you can submit to Dataweavers support:



  • Scaling request or adjustment
  • Database rehydration
  • Add/Edit/Remove permissions (Azure)
  • Request database backups
  • SSL certificate renewal
  • Non-production environment availability issue
  • General Cloud Infrastructure maintenance


  • Resolving new issues that cannot be replicated in environment prior to upgrade
    • e.g. publishing-related issues, backend CMS functionality 
  • Add/edit/remove user/role/permissions and Active Directory group mapping adjustments in Sitecore CMS
  • Request Sitecore package installation
  • Clean Sitecore databases
  • Analytics or xDB-related failures


  • Request for information
  • Add/Edit/Remove Firewall policy
  • IP whitelisting requests
  • Suspected security incident 
  • Legitimate traffic being blocked or vice-versa


  • Request speed report
  • Unusually slow website or backend CMS speed
  • Website not available or a component (e.g. Search) not functioning


  • Create branch
  • Change/update release branch
  • Update release approvals
  • Add/Edit/Remove user git access
  • Deployment or build pipeline failure investigation and maintenance

The following table provides examples of the types of requests that are typically the responsibility of the Customer Development Team/Development Partner:


Sitecore (Company Sitecore Administrator)

  • Add/edit/remove user/role/permissions in Sitecore
  • Amending security configuration
  • Managing CMS content
  • Configuring XP / xDB personalization and marketing features
  • Support for issues in custom client functionality

Sitecore / Devops (Company Sitecore Development Team/Partner)

  • Support for bugs/issues relating to customer code 
  • Builds of the Sitecore code base and deployments to production and non-production environments
  • Sitecore item serialization
  • Development of new features not provided out-of-the-box as part of Sitecore
  • User experience (UX) changes and improvements
  • Performance improvements within the client (browser)


The Dataweavers support portal FAQs

How do I register for the support portal?

  1. Click on Sign in in the top right-hand corner of this page, then click on the link to Sign up.
  2. Fill out the form with your name and email address and we’ll send you a welcome email so you can verify your email address and sign in. 



How do I submit a ticket via the support portal?

  1. Sign in to the support portal
  2. Click on Submit a request 
  3. Fill in the details and add any attachments 
  4. Click Submit 

How can I see all the tickets for my organisation? 

  1. Sign in to the support portal 
  2. Click on your profile icon
  3. Select Requests from the dropdown menu
  4. Click on Organization requests
  5. Click on Follow to enable CC emails on all of your organisation ticket activity

What information should I include in support requests?

To help us prioritise and resolve your request quickly, please provide us with all the relevant information relating to your issue:

  • The specific error including:
    • full screenshots or screen recordings
    • exact URLs
    • Sitecore feature
    • Azure DevOps feature
    • section of website
  • The date/time required for the request
  • Exact time and day it occurred and the environment to check logs
  • Any inactivity during this working session or did it happen during editing
  • Browser type
  • Expected outcome vs. seen outcome
  • The impact the issue is having (e.g. affected environment or business impact level)
  • Steps already taken to try and rectify the issue

How do I mark a ticket or request for urgent attention? 

When submitting a ticket through the support portal: 

  • Choose High or Urgent as the priority level

When submitting a ticket by email: 

  • Include 'Urgent' or 'Critical' in the subject line

Customers may also contact us via our support phone numbers in region. Refer to the definitions in Dataweavers support models and Service Level Agreements (SLA) for priority levels. 



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