Dataweavers support models and Service Level Agreements (SLA)

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The Dataweavers support model is an SLA-backed model that covers P1 through P4-type events.

Our support model, with an SLA backing both page load time as a guarantee and 24/7 uptime monitoring, is one of the most robust SLAs in the market today for non-SaaS-based products, especially for complex marketing architectures like Sitecore.

Standard Support

P1 events

  • P1 is defined as a site outage where content is not serving and visitors and users of your product and service cannot get access to the digital properties.
  • A P1 event is covered 24/7 throughout the day.
  • That means that our network operations centre is monitoring your websites, monitoring your Sitecore and Adobe application, and making sure that it's serving web pages and serving content and accessing the appropriate APIs you may have integrated with on a live real-time uptime basis.


This SLA is supported by our Site Reliability team, which is based in multiple locations to provide global coverage, ensuring that your website and application are online as defined in your Managed Sitecore Agreement SLA. 

P2, P3 and P4 events

For P2 through P4 events you can access support and expect a response between 9:00am and 5:00pm in the timezone that you are contracted. We will respond as per the time in the SLA during those business hours.

That can be done through raising a support ticket through our helpdesk, or by phoning our support numbers.

Premium Support

If you choose to move up to 24/7 premium support, you will also get an SLA response time on P2 through P4 events.

We rarely recommend that you need to go to the 24/7 premium support unless you are a global organization that needs to have tickets responded to across all multiple time zones.

Severity level and target response times

Severity Level Criteria Standard Support Response 24x7 Support Response

Urgent P1 (High)

Meets all the following criteria:

  • Impacts the production environment;
  • A significant impact on site visitor's experience such as an outage, unacceptable performance, or poor buying experience impacting revenue;
  • No workaround is available.

1 Business Day

1 Hour (Issues must be followed up via Support Hotline)

High P2 (Urgent)

Meets one of the following criteria with no workaround available:

  • In a production environment, severe impact on content authoring or an intermittent issue impacting visitor experience;
  • In a production environment, issues highly affecting normal business operations or critical marketing capabilities;
  • In a pre-production environment, an immediate impact on deployment activities affecting imminent production project plans.

1 Business Day

2 Hours (Issues must be followed up via Support Hotline)

Medium P3 (Normal)

Meets one of the following criteria:

  • In a production environment, intermittent impact and does not critically affect normal business operations;
  • In a production environment, impact of the problem is alleviated by the availability of a workaround;
  • In a pre-production environment, a moderate impact and does not critically affect business operations;
  • In a development environment, an immediate impact on a development activity affecting upcoming project plans.

2 Business Days

1 Business Day

Low P4 (Low)

Meets one of the following criteria:

  • In a production environment, causes minor or no impact on business operations;
  • In a non-production environment, causes minor development delays or impact of the problem is alleviated by the availability of a workaround;
  • Documentation-related queries or requests for product enhancements;
  • Issues that do not meet any of the higher severity criteria.

3 Business Days

2 Business Days


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