How to create an Azure DevOps organisation

Lynsey Jackson
Lynsey Jackson
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Once Azure subscriptions are set up, it's time to create an Azure DevOps organisation.

It's best if the designated Azure 'Owner' creates the organisation in order to maintain Owner status. The owner can also set up the Service Principals.

Alternatively, Dataweavers can set it up but we will essentially need global administrator access on Azure to do it seamlessly (this can just be a temporary escalation during setup).

The steps are:

  1. Follow the steps to Create an organization
  2. Ensure the new org is connected to Azure AD, following Connect your organization to Azure Active Directory.
  3. Set up two Microsoft Hosted jobs (and link to one of the subscriptions to pay for it), following Configure and pay for parallel jobs
    • When setting up the link, please select whichever subscription you want the billing to appear on. We typically suggest production but it doesn't matter from a technical perspective as it's simply a billing mechanism.
  4. Create a Project called "Sitecore" (private project with standard settings)
  5. Create two service principals in the project - one for each subscription, following Create an Azure Resource Manager service connection using automated security
  6. Add your Dataweavers engineer/s to the organisation's "Project Collection Administrators" group. We can take it from there and set up the Dataweavers standard Azure DevOps security model.


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