How to share backup files with Dataweavers

Lynsey Jackson
Lynsey Jackson
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Backup files such as those for databases or web sites should be shared securely using the below steps. Using a file system such as OneDrive, SharePoint or Box should be avoided altogether.

  1. Provide Dataweavers with the IP address you will be using to connect. 
  2. Dataweavers will provide you with a pre-authenticated URL to an Azure blob storage container (this is a SAS URL).
  3. Use a tool such as Azure Storage Explorer to connect to the container:
    1. Download and install Azure Storage Explorer
    2. Expand "Emulator & Attached"
    3. Right click on Storage Accounts
    4. Choose "Connect to Azure Storage..."

    5. In the dialog that appears choose "Blob container"

    6. Connect using a "Shared access signature URL (SAS)" and click Next

    7. Paste the SAS URL provided by Dataweavers then click Next, and on the following dialog click Connect

  4. Upload the backups to the container.


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